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Luke and Kristen are married (Part One)

– Huntsville, Alabama Wedding Photographer –

Cakes and Catering:  Belle Fleur Catering
Music:  The Two Gentleman Band
Flowers:  Nana  ;)
Invitations:  Enfin, La Voila!

There is so much to talk about and show from this wedding that I didn’t want to try and cram it all into one post.  I know it’s been forever since I posted those two previews but I didn’t want to post anything else until I had the time to do it right!

Kristen and Luke were married in the chapel at The Burritt Museum on Huntsville’s Monte Sano Mountain.  It was a day filled with numerous rain showers and we could watch every one of them roll through the valley before they got to us.  Luckily the timing worked out pretty well and the rain didn’t affect the wedding or the reception!

Kristen told me several weeks before the ceremony that this was mostly a DIY wedding.  Knowing Kristen I knew this meant it was going to be really cool.  One of the best “do it yourself” parts of the day was the bride’s dress.  Kristen’s “Nana” made this beautiful dress for her and it turned out so great!

North Alabama Wedding Photography

Monte Sano Mountain Wedding

Burritt on the Mountain Wedding

This shot below was shot by Gary Cosby Jr. who (as almost always) was there to be my second photographer.  This would be the groom…Luke.

DIY Wedding ideas

The two decided to see each other beforehand and the chapel made for a perfect setting for this meeting.

Homemade Wedding Dress

Every time a bride and groom choose to see each other beforehand it is different and special in it’s on way.  But almost everyone has a moment similar to the one below.

Madison County Alabama Wedding Photographer

Alabama wedding in March

This portrait was the first idea that came to me when I walked the grounds that Saturday.  As cloudy and crummy as it was the view to the city below was beautiful.

Huntsville, Alabama Wedding Photographer

The beauty of having a second photographer like Coz is when I set up a portrait…

Southeast Wedding Photographer

….he is always somewhere shooting something just as great if not better…see below.

Southern Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer

If sitting on the beds in the cabins at the museum is prohibited then I used Photoshop on the next image….if not…then she’s really sitting on it.

Decatur, Alabama Wedding Photography

Outdoor Wedding Portraits

This is the exterior of the chapel where the ceremony took place.

Mountaintop wedding

Rocket City Wedding Photographer

This is an example of a photographer who becomes obsessed with a view and the clouds that accompany that view.

Higginbotham Photographer

Kristen and her Dad walk down the sidewalk towards the ceremony.

Huntsville Photographer

I love the looks on both of their faces just after they were told it was there time to enter.

Huntsville Photography

Cosby captured this view from the front.

Alabama Wedding Photographer

This is another image that the Coz made during the ring exchange.  The reason it’s in here is because Kristen put Luke’s ring on the right hand.  Does that mean we have to do this thing all over again?  A wedding “do over” would be a first for me.

Huntsville Wedding Ring

I’ll post images from the reception and everything that went along with it in Part 2 tomorrow night!

How to pucker

– Huntsville, Alabama Wedding Photographer

I promise I’m not doing this as some kind of marketing ploy to string you guys along in order to keep you coming back to my blog.  I’m just crazy busy this week and haven’t had time yet to put together a full blog post on Luke and Kristen’s wedding.

However I was editing through their images and wanted to toss these up really quick.  I asked Luke to kiss Kristen on the forehead and when I said “…a little less pucker” Kristen felt the need to make fun of her husband to be for his over pucker.

I thought it was pretty funny.

Monte Sano Mountain Wedding

Wedding at The Burritt Museum in Huntsville, Alabama

The full post is coming soon….I mean it this time.

Danielle - OK, seriously David….let’s see the real post soon. You’re killing me ;)March 18, 2010 – 9:18 PM

Melanie - You are killing us with a couple of pictures at a time, but its fun! I cannot believe she is beautiful even when she’s making fun!! You did such an amazing job and we can’t wait to see the rest!!!March 19, 2010 – 5:35 AM

David Higginbotham - Ha…I am so sorry guys! I have had an extraordinarily busy past couple of weeks and I don’t want to post until I can do it right! I’ll do my best to have it up by or during this weekend! Thanks for the pressure! :)March 30, 2010 – 8:32 PM

Luke and Kristen…just a preview.

– Huntsville, Alabama Wedding Photographer

I have so many great images to share with you from Luke and Kristen’s wedding this past Saturday.  But for now…..I will just give you a brief preview of how the night ended.

Alabama Wedding Photography, Michael Jackson Wedding

Cosby did voice his concern when told that Michael Jackson would be near guests with sparklers but the exhibition went off without any injury….or Pepsi.

Much more to come…..

Vicki - David -

The pictures of Luke and Kristen’s wedding are awesome! What a cute couple and he looks like a “young Tom Hanks”.

~ V ~April 17, 2010 – 9:17 PM

A Great Wedding Coordinator

– Huntsville, Alabama Wedding Photographer

On one of my weddings a year or so ago I had the privilege of working with Calandra Terry at this beautiful wedding pictured below.

Mooresville, Alabama Wedding Photography

Calandra is a wedding coordinator who runs An Event to Remember based out of Huntsville, Alabama.  I subscribe to Calandra’s blog and really enjoy the content she puts up there.  She puts a lot of emphasis on tips to help us all keep our marriages working right!  You expect a wedding coordinator to care about making sure the wedding goes great but Calandra also wants your marriage to go great as well!

Click here check out her blog!

The Phi Mu Superfriends

– Alabama Portrait Photographer –

A couple of years ago almost all of Anna’s college friends were actually going to be in the same town at the same time.  This is a pretty rare occurrence since they all live all over the country.  They have such a hard time getting together that I have jokingly told Anna that if they could actually all get their schedules together for a trip I would pay for it.  I love them all but I kind of find myself hoping they stay busy….that would be expensive.  Anyway….we thought it would be a good idea to shoot a group photo since we had so many together.  I guess I should apologize to Lindsey….she was in Texas and couldn’t make it to this meeting of The Phi Mu Superfriends (my nickname for them…not theirs).  I guess if you all get together again not only will I have to pay for it but I’ll have to take another picture.

By the way I just started to be cool and type out an abbreviation of the name of their group…not a good idea.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama Wedding Photographer

vicki - David – I LOVE THIS PICTURE OF THE PHI MU “SUPER FRIENDS”!! Where did you take the picture?

Have a great day – VickiFebruary 26, 2010 – 9:49 AM

David Higginbotham - Thanks Vick! This was taken at Ginger’s parent’s house in Tuscaloosa a couple of years back.March 2, 2010 – 8:35 PM

M o r e   i n f o