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Windbrook Estates Imagery
Alabama Commercial Photographer

For the past several months Anna and I have been working on a new website for Windbrook Estates in Cullman, Alabama.  About a week and a half ago the site went live so I can now share a few of those images.

Here is what the home page of the site looks like with a view of the main building.

I created the main image by walking around the exterior and shooting multiple strobe-lit images that focused on different aspects of the structure.  The camera stayed on a tripod and captured the same view each time but with a different part of the image highlighted.  I carried a flash with me and pointed it at spots on the inside and outside.  The final .psd  (Adobe Photoshop) file had 50 separate layers that I blended to create the image below.

Here’s how the house looked when I first set up and begin shooting.  On it’s own…not too bad of an image but compared the image above…it’s a tad plain.

This was another one of the images shot a little further into the process.  I included this one as another example of what the scene looked like without any extra work.

The entranceway is another important part of this location.  I used the same technique to make sure I did this beautiful room justice.

Below is a regular view of the same room without any suplemental flash work.

Brian and Leslie’s Wedding
Decatur, Alabama Wedding Photographer

You saw the beautiful bride in the previous post that featured her bridal images and now here is the rest of Brian and Leslie’s wedding.

Cosby captured this image of Brian getting ready at Leslie’s studio.

Leslie hustled out of the van before the rest of her bridesmaids to make sure she got a photo of her own.  What else would you expect a photographer to be doing on her wedding day?

Cosby shot the image below of the bride and groom as they saw each other for the first time that day.

It’s always nice to have 22 people keeping an eye out to make sure you don’t wind up in The Tennessee River.

Cosby’s view from above during the ceremony at First Bible Church in Decatur, Alabama.

…and my view from the floor.

The reception was at The Magnolia Room in Decatur, Alabama.


Leslie’s Bridal Session
Decatur, Alabama Wedding Photographer

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  It’s an honor to be trusted to photograph anyone’s wedding but it’s an extra bit of  honor to be asked by another photographer to shoot their wedding.  Such was the case with Leslie.  I’ll post images from the wedding in a few days but first I want to show some images from her bridal session.

Decatur, Alabama Wedding PhotographerDecatur, Alabama Bridal Photographer

I always try to convey to clients that the location of a session doesn’t always matter.  We had a beautiful location for this session but the photo below was shot in the middle of a driveway while we were moving from one spot to another.  Good light can occur naturally or can be introduced artificially into a photo and used to render the surroundings irrelevant.

Alabama Wedding Photographer

Below is another example.  Although our surroundings were beautiful and we did take advantage of that…the photo below utilized a little grass, a distant tree line, and the sky at dusk.  All three of which can be found a lot of places that may not be deemed “picturesque”.

North Alabama Wedding Photographer

Since Leslie is a photographer I took the opportunity to show her in the surroundings of her studio.  Turned out to be one of my favorite shots of the night.

Southern Wedding Photographer

Wedding images to come!

Jonathan - I love that picture in her studio!October 23, 2012 – 2:19 PM

Brian and Leslie’s WeddingDecatur, Alabama Wedding Photographer » David Higginbotham Photography, The Blog - [...] saw the beautiful bride in the previous post that featured her bridal images and now here is the rest of Brian and Leslie’s [...]December 16, 2012 – 8:32 PM

2013 Senior Portrait Photography

Have you scheduled your senior portrait session yet? If you get your session on the books before November 1, 2012 you will receive $100 off of a gallery wrap canvas.

Here are a few words from a recent senior about her experience…

“My experience during my senior session was amazing! David had so many creative ideas that were sophisticated and youthful at the same time. I really felt like he was able to capture my personality on camera which is what a senior portrait is all about! He was very personable and really tried to connect with me in order to create the perfect experience! I would recommend his services to anyone who is seeking a photographer for their senior portraits.” – MK, 2013 Senior

Click on Mary Katherine’s picture below to see the entire Facebook gallery of  her recent session.

If you are interested in booking a session you can send me an e-mail by clicking here, you can connect with me on Facebook here, or Tweet me here!

Barton and Lori’s Gorham’s Bluff Wedding
Alabama Wedding Photographer

Venue:  Gorham’s Bluff
Decorating/Event planning:  Bruce Beaird with Talk of the Town

What better way to celebrate (even though I’m a week late) Lori and Barton’s one year wedding anniversary than with a blog post?  The traditional anniversary gift for one year is paper so if everyone wants to print this out and mail it to them I think we’ll be all set.

These two were married at the breath taking Gorham’s Bluff in Pisgah, Alabama.  The views from this place are amazing and given the cool/clear day we had they were even better.  The only down side of being that high is that there is nothing to keep the wind off of you.  I’m sure the wedding party could have stood to have calmer/warmer conditions but considering all the summer weddings I’ve shot I enjoyed the lack of sweat.  :)

 The bride being escorted in by her boys.

Gorham’s Bluff has a little gazebo that is set on the side of the hill.  It makes for a beautiful ceremony location.

“David and his team did a phenomenal job capturing the very essence of the emotions on our special day.  I can look at each photograph and recall the exact feeling I had in that moment; that takes more than being a photographer.  David has a gift.  He feels the moment and captures it for you to remember for a lifetime.” – Lori

Please meet my new assistant.  Actually the lovely and talented Jonathan Palmer was my second photographer that day.  Okay….the talented Jonathan Palmer.

The wind ultimately drove us inside during this setup.

It seemed that the entire family were either musicians, singers, or both so the reception was full of great entertainment.

Thanks to Barton and Lori for letting JP and I be a part of their special day!

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